How to Unlock or Upgrade a Skin

How to Unlock and/or Upgrade a Skin:

(pc and mobile)

Important: Please don't spend too much time collecting marks or skins, as progress will NOT be saved until pre and/or full release! 

1. Navigate to the in-game menu (three horizontal lines on mobile in top left corner, escape on pc), then select 'Logout' to get to the character creation screen

2. Select the character you wish to edit, and hit 'Edit' below

3. On the next menu, click on the skin you wish to unlock and then hit 'Unlock'. This should give you the skin and its 5 base colours + eye colour. Make sure to hit save to apply your new skin!

4. If you wish to upgrade your skin to gain more colours, simply press 'Upgrade' after unlocking the skin in the editor. This will give you 1 new colour (left to right) in each of the colour sections. 

Note: To unlock and upgrade skins, you need 'Marks'. Marks are collected via doing quests in-game! 

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