How to Open a Support Ticket

When to Open a Support Ticket:

If you are having an issue regarding, but not limited to:

  1. Discord ban appeal
  2. Incorrect discord linked to AG account
  3. Missing orders or an extra order
  4. Refunds
  5. Missing e-mail regarding claiming order

Note: You may open a support ticket regarding any issue you may be having that involves the game or your Alderon Games account.

How to Open a Support Ticket:

You may open a support ticket if you find yourself with any of the above issues. To do this you may either e-mail [email protected] and it will automatically open a ticket or visit and follow the prompts.

The goal is to answer opened support tickets within 72 hours of receiving them, however, if you have waited more than seven days for a response or further help, please make sure to check all email folders including spam, and feel free to respond to the existing support ticket if still not found.

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